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14 Best Farmhouse Shower Curtain

By November 1, 2020November 18th, 2020No Comments

Farmhouse Shower Curtain Ideas

Shower curtains can make or break a farmhouse style bathroom. You want to make sure you have the perfect farmhouse shower curtain to complete your unique space. We have compiled a list of the best farmhouse shower curtains, from simple, white, buffalo check, vintage, and modern farmhouse shower curtain. We hope you find a great one to get for your farmhouse bathroom!

Farmhouse Gray Shower Curtain

This light gray farmhouse bathroom shower curtain is a fantastic neutral curtain to incorporate into your bathroom decor. The ruched element gives it that something more you’re looking for other than just plain ol’ gray!

Farmhouse Flower Shower Curtain

This classic and neutral farmhouse flower shower curtain is perfect for any bathroom! This would definitely be in my bathroom, at least for the summer!

Rustic Farmhouse Shower Curtain

This rustic bathroom shower curtain is a unique hand-drawn farmhouse bathroom curtain! This rustic hand-drawn shower curtain is such a unique addition to your farmhouse bathroom.

Buffalo Check Farmhouse Shower Curtain

Nothing else screams farmhouse style better than a classic buffalo check print! This bathroom shower curtain is a grey buffalo check pattern making it great for your farmhouse bathroom.

Farmhouse Linen Shower Curtain

This farmhouse linen shower curtain features buttons through the middle and a little bit of texture on the bottom half! This is a perfect neutral shower curtain.

Layered Farmhouse Shower Curtain

Who doesn’t love a good white farmhouse shower curtain? This white, layered farmhouse shower curtain has just the perfect amount of ruffles to be classy + elegant to match just about any bathroom!

Farmhouse Shower Curtain Pink

This bathroom shower curtain is a light blush color making it perfect for a chic farmhouse bathroom! The floral design in this curtain adds the right amount of flair to it, making it super chic!

Farmhouse Striped Shower Curtain

This striped farmhouse shower curtain is a classic shower curtain, but would fit in perfectly in your farmhouse bathroom! Grey & white makes it timeless and it’s mold and mildew resistant!

Cream Cotton Farmhouse Shower Curtain

This is by far the most classic farmhouse shower curtain ever made. This design is a cotton waffle texture and is so timeless. You can also order it in dark gray and a bunch of other colors!

Farmhouse Cow Shower Curtain

For those true farm-bred individuals who want every aspect of their farmhouse to be “farmy”, this cow farmhouse shower curtain is for you!

Farmhouse Doors Shower Curtain

Do you see what I see? At first glance, I couldn’t tell if this was a shower curtain or actual barn doors! But as the name suggests, it is indeed a normal shower curtain with barn doors printed on it!

Vintage Farmhouse Shower Curtain

This vintage farmhouse shower curtain features a natural cream curtain with solid black stripes. I think this vintage shower curtain would go well with rustic, vintage farmhouse decor!

Sawyer Mills Farmhouse Shower Curtain

This sawyer mills farmhouse shower curtain features a tractor, but there’s also a chicken curtain, cow curtain, pig curtain, and even a windmill farmhouse curtain!

Boho Farmhouse Shower Curtain

This black and white striped shower curtain with tassels along the side is a true boho farmhouse shower curtain! If you vibe isn’t totally rustic, and a little more modern, this shower curtain is for you!

Which farmhouse shower curtain did you like the most? 

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