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12 Best Farmhouse Clock

By November 21, 2020December 11th, 2020No Comments

Farmhouse Clock

When I was decorating one of my first apartments, the one thing I wanted was a large farmhouse clock! That was one of the only things I wanted! I love a good oversized clock, I feel like it completes the room. Especially with apartments and the way you have to separate dining and living rooms, the walls can be hard to decorate. Having a large clock take up an awkward wall is always a perfect way to add some farmhouse flair!

Check out these top farmhouse clocks for your farmhouse living room!

In this article, you will find vintage farmhouse clock, modern farmhouse clock, antique farmhouse clock, rustic farmhouse clock, and large farmhouse clocks. Whatever your farmhouse style is, I hope you find a great farmhouse clock to match it!

Note: This article does contain affiliate links. If you click a link and happen to make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Farmhouse Wall Clock

This farmhouse clock has a wood back and galvanized numbers with black hands. This farmhouse wall clock is 22″ in diameter, fit for wherever you want to put your new farmhouse clock!

White Farmhouse Clock

This shiplap white farmhouse clock would look good anywhere and white against black letters is a classic look and great for contrast!

Rustic Farmhouse Clock

This rustic farmhouse clock is a classic, timeless wall clock featuring a darker stained wood and black roman numerals as the lettering. This farmhouse clock would be great to add to your living room!

Farmhouse Scale Clock

This cute farmhouse scale clock would be a great addition to your farmhouse kitchen decor and to have a small cute clock in your kitchen!

Vintage Farmhouse Clock

This vintage farmhouse clock features a rough corrugated metal circle surrounding the wood clock. The white hands with the white roman numerals really give it that vintage, antique, farmhouse vibe!

Oversized Farmhouse Wall Clock

This is definitely an oversized farmhouse wall clock, the dimensions of this farmhouse clock is 36″ in diameter. The largest wall clock in this article. If you’re a fan of big clocks, then this may be the farmhouse clock for you!

Antique Farmhouse Clock

This farmhouse clock features a very antique feel to it, from the roman numerals to the compass, font, and distressed look. If you have an antique or vintage vibe to your farmhouse style, this is definitely the farmhouse clock for you!

Modern Farmhouse Clock

This modern farmhouse clock is a statement piece with the bold see through design and black design with the gold colored clock hands. Modern design pieces can fit in great with farmhouse styles, and a modern farmhouse clock is the perfect accent piece for that!

Oversized Farmhouse Clock

This oversized farmhouse clock features roman numerals and a metal background with wood in the foreground. This would look so good with any living room decor!

Square Farmhouse Wall Clock

This farmhouse clock is a nice and large square wall clock. I love the corrugated metal as the backing and the farmhouse barn hardware on the top as an accent piece. In my opinion, wood and metal go so well together!

French Farmhouse Clock

This farmhouse clock definitely gives off a french country vibe, although it being pretty classic and timeless would work with other farmhouse decor styles, as well.

Large Farmhouse Wall Clock

This square whitewashed modern farmhouse clock is a large farmhouse clock at 31.5″ in height. It has a very rustic vibe to it.

Which farmhouse clock did you like the most? 

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