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8 Best Farmhouse Candle Holders

By November 26, 2020December 11th, 2020No Comments

Farmhouse Candle Holders

Farmhouse candle holders are such a versatile piece to your farmhouse decor. You can use them through all the seasons, for your everyday decor, and as an accent piece. They would look good as a part of the centerpiece on your kitchen table, as a way to add height to your mantle decor, or to you on a console or entryway table! Get our top farmhouse candle holders picks below.

What Can I Put on Candle Holders Besides Candles?

Farmhouse candle holders are great in a way that you don’t have to put only candles on them. You can put books, air plants, garland, and vines on top of candle holders.

Farmhouse Style Candle Holders

These farmhouse style candle holders come in a set of 5 with varying heights. As a set of 5, you could use these all together for an elaborate and spacious piece or set them different places in your house with a space of 3 holders one spot and 2 holders elsewhere.

White Wooden Candle Holder for Farmhouse

This white wooden candle holder is perfect for your farmhouse decor with a distressed black wash coming out of the white. Coming as a set of two, where would you put these farmhouse candle holders?

Candle Holder Set Farmhouse Style

Here is a great farmhouse wooden candle holder set to add to your farmhouse decor in the living room or bedroom! I love adding candle holders to the mantle to add in some height!

Farmhouse Wall Candle Holder

This farmhouse wall candle holder is a very modern + dramatic look. This candle holder would be great in an entryway on both sides of an entryway mirror. Put big white pillar candles in these holders and it’s complete!

Farmhouse Pillar Candle Holders

These farmhouse candle holders are pillar candle holders that are cement and white distressed. These would look good on a mantle with some colorful or white candles on top!

Modern Farmhouse Candle Holders

With a cement base and a geometric metal top with a black finish, this farmhouse candle holder definitely has a modern vibe to it. You could certainly pair it with some of other farmhouse decor to bring more of the farmhouse out of this candle holder!

Farmhouse Wood Candle Holders

This farmhouse wood candle holder is a great distressed, rustic candle holder for any space to complete it!

Rustic Farmhouse Candle Holders

This set of farmhouse candle holders are definitely my favorite! I love when antique candle holders don’t exactly match, as in they are different from each other. This one certainly fits the bill as one has a square base while the other has a circular base. These will be sure to give you that antique / rustic farmhouse vibe when adding to your farmhouse decor!

Which farmhouse candle holder did you like the most? 

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