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farmhouse style candle holders Living Room

8 Best Farmhouse Candle Holders

Farmhouse candle holders are such a versatile piece to your farmhouse decor. You can use them through all the seasons, for your everyday decor, and as an accent piece. They would look good as a part of the centerpiece on your kitchen table, as a way to add height to your mantle decor, or to you on a console or…
November 26, 2020
farmhouse clock Living Room

12 Best Farmhouse Clock

When I was decorating one of my first apartments, the one thing I wanted was a large farmhouse clock! That was one of the only things I wanted! I love a good oversized clock, I feel like it completes the room. Especially with apartments and the way you have to separate dining and living rooms, the walls can be hard…
November 21, 2020
farmhouse end table Living Room

10 Best Farmhouse End Table

A farmhouse end table is needed to complete a space, usually your living room. Somewhere to set drinks, store your remotes, or even store extra pillows and blankets. But you'll want to make sure to get the style right. Are you more of a modern style or would you want an industrial farmhouse end table? Read on to find your…
November 10, 2020