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10 Best Farmhouse End Table

By November 10, 2020November 18th, 2020No Comments

Farmhouse End Table

A farmhouse end table is needed to complete a space, usually your living room. Somewhere to set drinks, store your remotes, or even store extra pillows and blankets. But you’ll want to make sure to get the style right. Are you more of a modern style or would you want an industrial farmhouse end table? Read on to find your favorite farmhouse end table.

What is a Good Height for an End Table?

A good height for an end table is anywhere in between 20″ – 24″. This can be dependent upon how high your couch sits and if you want it a bit above the couch or a bit below.

Rustic Farmhouse End Table

This rustic farmhouse end table is made from reclaimed wood and painted a distressed white color. The shelf on the bottom is great for a basket or more farmhouse decor!

Farmhouse Style End Table

This farmhouse style end table has a little shabby chic vibe to it with the base and the table a unique shape. This farmhouse accent table can fit practically any style of home from strictly farmhouse to more transitional.

Farmhouse White End Table

This white farmhouse end table comes complete with a small drawer for storage options in your living room. This farmhouse end table could even be used as a nightstand.

Industrial Farmhouse End Table

This industrial farmhouse end table features a black metal base with a mesh shelf on the bottom and a sturdy wood tabletop.

Farmhouse End Table Set

These galvanized metal farmhouse accent tables come complete as a set! The wood tops come off and the whole bin is a storage area. These end tables could even serve  as bar stools or another seating option if needed in your living room. I love how these farmhouse end tables are so versatile!

Farmhouse End Table with Storage

These come as a set and they actually nest into each other. These can be used two ways. One way with storage. You can also flip the base over and it gives this farmhouse end table more of a tapered look.

Modern Farmhouse End Table

This modern farmhouse end table is definitely modern. The base of the table is a black metal and the plank wood circle tabletop pairs so nicely with it. We love how it comes together and stands on the bottom so you know it’s sturdy!

Farmhouse Round End Table

This farmhouse round end table features a top and bottom shelf. We love how the base of the end table curves to fit both the shelves in.

Industrial Farmhouse End Table Cart

The wheels move on this industrial farmhouse end table cart with wheels, making it perfect as an accent table or to use functionally while sitting on the sofa and using this side table as a spot for your laptop or magazine.

White Distressed End Table Farmhouse

This white distressed farmhouse end table is great for any farmhouse decor! I don’t know about you, but I love anything with storage or a drawer so this is definitely a good option for anyone like me! There are always things you need to put away, like coasters, extra remotes, a notepad, etc. The drawer on this farmhouse end table does the job!

Which farmhouse end table did you like the most? 

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