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10 Best Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror

By November 16, 2020November 18th, 2020No Comments

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Ideas

It’s probably not everyday you update your bathroom mirror. When you find a good farmhouse bathroom mirror, you probably want to update the builder mirrors that were put in your house in the first place or if you are building, find your farmhouse bathroom mirror here! Here’s a list of the top 10 farmhouse bathroom mirror for you to update your bathroom.

Farmhouse bathroom mirrors are usually made up of wood and distressed wood, although sometimes the mirror design could be metal or clean lines.

Cottage Bathroom Mirrors

Cozy cottage bathroom mirrors are almost always white with a little bit of an accent, making this farmhouse bathroom mirror a true cottage style. This white farmhouse mirror has a cute decorative top frame of the mirror and will go with almost any decor!

Modern Farmhouse Mirror

This modern farmhouse bathroom mirror has a black metal frame and a wood shelf on the bottom. I love how the bathroom mirror is framed all the way around and you get metal and wood accents in this farmhouse mirror.

Rustic Powder Room Mirror

This rustic farmhouse bathroom mirror has delicate and even markings of rustic and distressed white wood. This would be perfect farmhouse mirror for a small farmhouse powder room!

Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror

This rustic farmhouse bathroom mirror is a nice rustic white color with a shelf and barn door hardware. This would look fantastic in front of any bathroom vanity!

Round Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror

This round farmhouse bathroom mirror is a classic and timeless farmhouse bathroom mirror. The black metal edge ties in wonderfully with any other black hardware that already exists in your farmhouse bathroom. This farmhouse bathroom mirror would be great with a straight farmhouse style or a more modern farmhouse style.

Country Bathroom Mirror

This oval country bathroom mirror has a unique design on the top really playing into the farmhouse french country style. The oval design really helps on that style as well. Into a french country style? This bathroom mirror might be for you!

Half Bath Mirrors

Farmhouse half bath mirrors are going to be skinny rectangle mirrors since in a half bath you probably don’thave enough room for a large bathroom mirror. This farmhouse bathroom mirror works great for a half bath!

Farmhouse Wood Bathroom Mirror

This wood farmhouse bathroom mirror is perfect if you’re a lover of barn doors, but can’t seem to find a great place for actual barn doors in your house. Grab this wood farmhouse bathroom mirror that will look great in your farmhouse bathroom!

Bathroom Mirror with Shelf Farmhouse

This black metal farmhouse bathroom mirror with shelf is a great opportunity to incorporate more of a more modern style in your house if that’s what you’re looking for. The shelf is great to store some toiletries! This farmhouse bathroom mirror is also available in a double vanity size!

Farmhouse Antique Bathroom Mirror

This antique farmhouse bathroom mirror has a very rustic and antique vibe to it. The barndoor hinges on the frame of the mirror definitely pulls in more of an antique farmhouse style to it. If you have a farmhouse bathroom and are looking for a new bathroom mirror, this one is it!

Which farmhouse bathroom mirror did you like the most? 

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